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29LT Profile

29Letters is a design studio specializing in contemporary Arabic typography. At 29LT, we work with large companies and non-profits to create typographic corporate identities including custom fonts and the full suite of promotional assets. We partner with our clients to give them unique type designs and graphics that best express their identity and style in both print and new media. 

29LT frequently joins forces with renowned branding, design, and ad agencies in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States to deliver high-end typographic work for our clients, creating corporate type families in Arabic, as well as logos, lettering, and typesetting.

29LT continuously conducts research and educational projects in the field of Arabic design and typography: In addition to publishing projects for individuals, we participate in a number of design conferences, exhibitions, and workshops dedicated to the education and promotion of design and typography in the Arab world and beyond.

Along with our design practice, 29LT publishes unique Arabic and bi-script Arabic and Latin retail fonts created by emerging, talented Arab and Western type designers.

Since 2006, the name 29Letters, initially used by Pascal Zoghbi as his design name, comes from the number of letters in the Arabic alphabet. Today, 29LT is a full-service design studio and Arab design platform partnering with leading designers. We continue to strive to deliver the very best designs in the business to our clients – designs that convey their character, personality, and identity – to the best of our ability.

Greater Beirut

+961 70 167 329